Min Hang (China)

Min Hang holds doctoral degree in Business Administration from Jönköping University, Sweden. She is an associate professor of Media Management and Economics at the School of Journalism and Communication in Tsinghua University, China. In addition, she serves as director of the East Asia Institute of Media Management and Transformation Center (MMTC-EA) of Jönköping University, Sweden, and research affiliate at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) in Columbia Business School, Columbia University.

Dr. Hang also holds master degree of European Business Administration from Lund University, Sweden, and master degree of Management Science from Hohai University, China. Prior to her current career move, she had worked in the MMTC, Sweden (2003-2007), CITI, Columbia Business School (2006), Lund University, Sweden (2003), the Ministry of Communications of China (1999-2001), and Hohai University in China.

Dr. Hang’s is the author of several books and book chapters, journal articles and conference papers on New Media Venturing, International Media Product Portfolios Management, Media Economics Research, Media and Entrepreneurship, Media Human Resources Management, etc. Recently, Hang has won the Award of the “Best Paper for Organizational Communication”in the ICA 2006 Convention in Germany. Her work on webcasting collaborated with other authors worldwide has won the prize of “Best Book for Media Economics in 2007”.