Zvezdan Vukanovic

Zvezdan Vukanovic is Associate Professor at Abu Dhabi University – United Arab Emirates. He is the author of twelve books and numerous research papers/articles and book chapters. His field of expertise centers on the Digital Media Economics and Management. More specifically, Dr. Vukanovic focuses his research on the impact/influence and co-relation between the cutting-edge digital models/strategies in B2B/B2C. Dr. Vukanovic is the most internationally cited media economics and management scholar in South East Europe.

He is the author of the first FDI Hybrid Media FDI Business Model developed originally published in his monograph “Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Into the South East European Media Market Towards a Hybrid Business Model”. Dr. Vukanovic’s forthcoming book “Digital Value Migration in Media, ICT and Cultural Industries: From Business and Economic Models/Strategies to Networked Ecosystems” is co-edited with Dr. Mike Friedrichsen – the President of Berlin University of Digital Dr. Milivoje Pavlovic – the Vice – Chancellor of Megatrend University – Belgrade and will be published by Routledge in February 2019. Sciences and