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Saarbrücken, with a population of around 200,000, has many unique features to offer. The capital of Saarland (one of the federal states of Germany; watch image video about the Saarland provided by the government on is situated at the heart of the European Union: the European cities of Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg are all within a radius of about 300 km. Frankfurt with it´s international airport is about 90min away from Saarbruecken. Saarbruecken, as a commercial and trade fair center, maintains close relations with its European neighbors France and Luxembourg in a region where these countries meet. Saarbruecken’s cosmopolitan flair is just one reason why its arts world and cultural scene have something to offer for all tastes. The restored castle, with its terraces from which visitors can enjoy a magnificent view over the River Saar, is a sight that no-one should miss. In the bars and cafes of Saarbruecken’s old town, visitors find a cosy atmosphere. In particular, the street cafés in the old town’s narrow streets are renowned for their mediterranean atmosphere during the summer months.

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The University campus, situated in an idyllic forest, five minutes away from the center of Saarbrücken, was founded in 1946. In the meantime, a place of learning has emerged where currently 15,500 students study a wide variety of subjects.

Saarbruecken is a small, but very idyllic place, for hosting the IMMAA-conference 2007. And it has strong connections to media industry and media research.

The International Media Management Academic Association 2007 was hosted by at the Saarland University.