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Starting Point

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Session 1 – Goals and Leadership

Media management is the process of running a media business. Therefore it deals with media management as that science of management, which is related to “the media” and to the companies, creating or distributing these media. This track deals with the question “What are the relevant factors of a good strategic management in a media company?” The challenge is to find answers, which reflects the media (company) specific rules, originality, strong media specificity, completeness in object-coverage, integrative power, and the possibility of evaluation.

Session 2 – Media Value Chain

Where and how do media (companies) create economic values? This is the ultimate question from a management perspective. New technologies, convergence processes and structural changes within the media industries increase the speed and efficiency of business transactions and processes: In addition, the internet economy leads to new markets by the creation of global marketplaces. This track discusses the effects and consequences of this transition process.

Session 3 – Consumers

This research track focuses on media consumers – the people who use media. The track is currently focused on three major areas: Media consumers – definitions and perspectives, audience measurement, historical and critical perspectives. Thus the track should give more answers to the questions: What do we need to know about consumers? Are there gaps in our knowledge? Who benefits from certain definitions of media consumers or media audiences? In which ways media companies use knowledge and data about consumers?

Session 4 – Media Management Theory/Characteristics of the media and media products

This track focuses the well known idea, that media products are characterized by some special characteristics with impact for economic aspects of the media firm, especially for the design of business models and the development of markets. The span of the common understanding of what media management really is and which aspects have to be considered is increasing more than ever. And: There is a need for frameworks and concepts to deal with media management (theory). This track is looking for a common understanding of constitutive basis.

Session 5 – New Technologies

Currently the competition about new technologies is not always about the best technologies, but especially about technologies that are economically justifiable. Technology is supportive for the media companies’ core business as well as it is constitutive for new applications and business models. This tracks deals with the idea of technology as an enabler and driving force.

  • Jan Björk: Strategic Market Challenges from Mobile Music Services
  • Àges Urbán: Download PDFMarket Potential of Mobile Television
  • Claudia Loebbecke/Oliver Huyskens: RFID in Media: Trials in the Japanese Publishing Industry