2012 New York

“New Media, New Demand Measurement Methodologies”

Columbia University, New York

June 25, 2012

Uris Hall 330

A Workshop of the International Media Management Academic Association
Organized by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information,

in collaboration with the Center for Communications at Fordham University



9:00am – Panel 1: New Approaches

John Lavine, Northwestern University, Welcome from IMMAA

Chris Scholz – University of Saarbruecken, by video

Eli Noam – Columbia University, Digital Media, Analog Methodologies – Introduction

Fernando Bermejo – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Harvard University, Open Society Foundations, From Audience Measurement to Web Analytics



Paul Rappoport – Chief Research Officer, Centris, Measuring the New Media Base: Moving from TV HHs to Video HHs

Joost van Dreunen/Janelle Benjamin – SuperData Research, Online Games Research: Getting Publishers to Play Nice

10:45am – Coffee Break

11:05 – Panel 2: Methodology Panel

Methodological Challenges and Opportunities in Online/Mobile Audience Measurement

Ben Compaine – Fordham University, Moderator

Philip Napoli – Fordham University, Social Media Analytics as an alternative method of audience research

John Carey – Fordham University, Measurement Challenges from New Audience Behavior

Sherill Mane – SVP Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB, Managing Media Measurement Change: The 3MS Story


12:45pm – Lunch Break

1:45pm – Panel 3: Practitioner Panel

Scott McDonald – Senior Vice President for Market Research, Condé Nast, Measuring Magazine Media on Mobile Platforms

Marco Parente – Director of Product Management, Nielsen – Audience Measurement Data for Online Streaming

Jeffrey Hackett – Executive Vice President, comScore – Methodological Approach to Audience and Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

3:05pm – Coffee Break

3:25pm – Panel 4: Society Panel

Russ Neuman – University of Michigan, Trends of Information Flows and Consumption, Moderator

Paulo Faustino – Porto University, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, The Online News and Digital Newspaper Concentration and Voices Diversity in Portugal

Andrew Gruen – Northwestern University, The Informedness Center Project

Limor Peer – Yale University, User Engagement with Online News: Conceptualizing Interactivity and Exploring the Relationship Between Online News Videos and User Comments

4:55pm – Conclusion and Outlook

Eli Noam and John Lavine, Moderator

What is next for New Audience Research?

What is next for IMMAA?