Christian Scholz

Born at 10/18/1952 in Voecklabruck (Austria), studied at the University of Regensburg (Germany) and at the Harvard Business School (USA).

He holds the chair of Business Administration, especially Organization, Human Resource Management and Information Management, at the University of Saarland in Saarbruecken (Germany). He is also director of the Europa-Institute at Saarland University with its MBA-Program he founded 1990. He served at many positions within the University, such as being Vice-Dean of the Department of Management (2000-2002) and Dean of the Faculty for Law and Economics (2010-2012).

In addition to this, Chris Scholz taught, between others, at the University of Vienna (1993-2009) and at the “Universitätsseminar der Wirtschaft (USW)” in the early 1990ies. He was also part of the board of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (DGFP e.V.)” (German Association for People Management) from 2001-2007. Currently he is one of the principal investigators of the research project “KORFU”, which analyzes governance structures of higher education systems in Australia, Japan, Europe, andNorth and Latin America.

His research interests include organizational behavior, strategic, and international human resource management, changes in the work environment (so called Darwiportunism) and virtual organizations. His main topics in Media Management currently are Value Systems of Media Companies and the Convergence/Divergence of Media content in Europe.

Since 1998 he also teaches Media Management at the graduate level, since 2009 as „HR-Communication“, a course combining Media Management with Human Resource Management. He also started the first German academic internet-TV-broadcaster orgaTV ( in 1998.

Chris Scholz is (Co-)author or (Co-)editor of more than 23 books (e.g. Human Capital Management, 3rd ed. 2012; Personalmanagement, 5th ed. 2000; Handbuch Medienmanagement, 2006). He published various research reports (e.g. Medienstandort SaarLorLux, 2005; Die TIME-Branche, 2001), around 20 articles in academic journals (such as Kybernetes, Long Range Planning or Harvard Manager) and around 300 in other journals. Since 1983 he presents his ideas regularly in academic conferences, such as the Academy of Management, the European Academy of Management, the International Human Resource Management Conference and the Strategic Management Society Conference.

His connection to IMMAA dates back to 2004, when he visited John Lavine in Chicago and the idea of IMMAA as a network of academics in the field media management was born. Following John Lavine as chief-organizer of IMMAA (2005-2006), Chris Scholz acted as the chair of the planning committee from 2007 to 2011. He organized the IMMAA-Conference in Saarbruecken (Germany) 2007. The main results of that conference are published in the book “Looking to the Future of Modern Media Management: Changes – Challenges – Opportunities”.