Sonia Virginia Moreira (Brazil)

Sonia Virginia Moreira is a journalist, Master in Journalism from the University of Colorado (Boulder campus) and Doctor in Communication Sciences from the University of São Paulo.

As Associate Professor at the Social Communication Faculty of the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) in the area of journalism and media culture, she has been carrying out research with emphasis on the areas of broadcasting industry in Brazil (specially radio) and regional and international communication.

Sonia is the author of several articles and book chapters on journalism and communication-related topics. Among the books she has published are: Rádio Nacional, o Brasil em sintonia (The National Radio Station, Brazil tuned in) (1988, in partnership with Luiz Carlos Saroldi); O Rádio no Brasil (Radio in Brazil) (2nd edition 2000); Rádio Palanque, fazendo política no ar (Radio Speakers´ Platform, politics on the air) (1998); Rádio em transição – tecnologias e leis nos Estados Unidos e no Brasil (Radio in transition – technologies and laws in the United States and in Brazil) (2002); Mídia, ética e sociedade (Media, ethics and society) (2004, organized in partnership with Aníbal Bragança).

She was elected president of the Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication (2002-2005) and was also its international relations director (2005-2008). Presently she coordinates the Brazil-US Colloquium on Communication Studies and is a member of the scientific committee of the Brazilian Society of Journalism Researchers (SBPJor).