Franco Papandrea (Australia)

Franco Papandrea

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra, Australia.

Formerly (now retired), Professor of Communication and Director Communication and Media Policy Institute, University of Canberra.

Prior to his retirement, Franco Papandrea had a long and distinguished career as an Australian expert in communication and media policy and regulation including evaluation of related public policies and regulatory practices.  He has published widely in the field.  As Research Leader in the former Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics (BTCE) he was responsible for several path-breaking studies of broadcasting policy and regulation.  His study on the economic value of Australian television content has been a major contribution to the field.  He served as Principal Adviser to the (Australian) House of Representatives Select Committee on the Print Media and played a major role in the production of the Committee’s historic report.  He has been an advisor and consultant to Australian and International authorities and organisations.   He is a Custodian of the annual Communication Policy and Research Forum, Australia’s foremost conference on communication and media policy and research.

Other former appointments include: Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, The Australlian National University (1999-2008); Visiting Research Professor, Faculty of Business, University of Alberta (1997-1999); and Editor of Agenda, a journal of Policy Analysis and Reform.