Dwayne Winseck (Canada)

Dwayne Winseck is Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.  His research focuses on the political economy of communication, new media, media history, media regulation and theories of democracy and global communication. His latest book, Communication and Empire: Media, Markets and Globalization, 1860-1930 (2007, Duke University Press) (co-authored with Robert M. Pike), won the Canadian Communication Association’s G.G. Robinson Award for best book of the year in 2008.  A new co-edited book (with Dal Yong Jin, Simon Fraser University), Political Economies of the Media: the Transformation of the Global Media Industries will be published in May, 2011 by Bloomsbury Academic (London, UK). Dwayne is also the author of Reconvergence: A Political Economy of Telecommunications in Canada (Hampton Press, 1998) as well as co-editor of Democratizing Communication:  Comparative Perspectives on Information and Power (with Mashoed Bailie, Hampton Press, 1997) and Media in Global Context (co-edited with Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Annabelle Sreberny and Jim Mckenna, Edward Arnold, 1997).  He also has published numerous book chapters and many journal articles in, for example, Media, Culture and Societythe International Communication GazetteGlobal Media and CommunicationJavnost/the PublicNew Media and Society, the Canadian Journal of Communication, the European Journal of Communication, and elsewhere.  Before arriving in Ottawa, he lived and taught in Britain, the People’s Republic of China, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the United States.