Amit Schejter (Israel/US)

Amit Schejter is associate professor and co-director of the Institute for Information Policy at Penn State University’s College of Communications. His background includes a decade of holding senior executive positions in the telecommunication industry in Israel, including general counsel for Israeli public broadcasting and vice president of Israel’s largest mobile operator. In addition, he served on and chaired a variety of public committees, counseled media and telecommunication entities in Israel and the Palestinian Authority and held the post of assistant professor at Tel Aviv University.

His research focuses on identifying regulatory responses to technological change; highlighting social inequalities and communication distortions created by them; and prescribing theoretically informed approaches to policy-making that enhance fairness and equality. His studies have been widely published in both communication and law journals, cited in congressional and Knesset hearings and have dealt with the challenges raised by television, cable, the Internet, mobile phones and digitization in Israel, the U.S., Korea, the E.U. and across wide international comparative settings.

His books include “The Wonder Phone in the Land of Miracles” (co-authored with Akiba Cohen and Dafna Lemish, Hampton Press, 2008) and “Muting Israeli Democracy” (University of Illinois Press, 2009).